Diagnosis & Risk Coding

Accountable Care Organisations

The profitability of Accountable Care Organisations are directly tied to the Case-Mix-Index (CMI) of their patient populations. Low CMIs lead to lower capitation payments and threaten the viability of an ACO's. Verbotics AI risk coding solution improves the capitation payments of an ACO by automatically identifying and re-coding the top 10% patients with the greatest imbalance between healthcare costs and payments.

Value Based Payments

Value based payments such as the in-patient prospective billing system are based on relative risk scores as assessed by Diagnostic Related Grouping (DRGs). Verbotics AI automatically identifies and encodes ICD10-CM co-morbidities & complications from physician notes - allowing healthcare providers to report the most comprehensive CMS compliant patient risk.

Oncology Analytics

& Compliance

Automating Cancer Registries

A large part of Cancer/Tumor Registry ​workflow is a manual process reading pathology reports, and abstracting tumor details from plain text, PDFs, images etc. This is costly and difficult to scale. Verbotics AI automates the abstraction part - leaving the cancer registrar to simply verify the machine's work in clean and usable graphical interface. 

Automating Cancer Analytics

The hardest problem in healthcare NLP - to automatically extract information from pathology reports, genomic lab reports, imaging, oncologist notes and to tie it all together to produce the complete care journey. Despite its enormous value to both the Pharma and Healthcare industry, this holy-grail of cancer NLP has remained elusive.


Verbotics AI is building plug & play solutions to tame this problem with practical real world solutions to deal with poor quality electronic data, complex longitudinal analysis, and high accuracy requirements.

Clinical Analytics

& Data Cleaning

Abstracting a 360° view

All the information on a patient that's ever going to be needed for providing care is the physician's notes. However, in handling that data, data-scientists spend more than 50% of their time cleaning and abstracting unstructured data.


Verbotics AI is not just a standard NLP mark-up tool, Verbotics AI combines NLP + Clinical Common Sense, to automatically abstract rich  clinical, lifestyle, socio-economical  patient details from physicians notes to reduce physician burnout and enable a variety of enterprise analytics projects.

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